How to begin?

Check out this brief guide and find out how to take your first steps
to purchase your new property.


The first step is an interview with us, this way we can learn about your needs and interests.

Property choice

Based on the client’s information, we will prepare a selection of properties according to the indicated profile. Properties will be indicated using the priorities informed by the client (location, price, objective, investment, vacation home, etc.).

Financing approval

Only after choosing the property will the buyer be able to start financing. The loan qualification process takes a maximum of one hour, and documentation is required:
– 3 latest bank statements
– Passport with valid visa
– Income tax declaration
– Pre-qualification letter (issued on the spot)

Financing approval

Along with the required documentation, a proposal is presented to the seller, informing that closing can take up to 60 days, and that new steps will be in the purchase process, such as appraisal (evaluation of the property), and deadline for financing approval.

Start right now

Schedule an interview with us so we can talk and understand your needs, offering personalized solutions to your goals.

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